Content Marketing proved once again to be very valuable to organizations this year and it’s only becoming more integral to marketing and sales teams as digital marketing expands.  As we rolled out new features for the Noosh Content Marketing platform, we shared some exciting content pieces.  Some of the content was a hit and others were misses. Below is a list of the best performing content and some interesting marketing data we gathered.

Top Performing Content Piece

Benchmark Report – 36.7% Conversion Rate

Each year we cull through thousands of Content Marketing projects to gather useful insights about costs, collaboration, vendor management, and more.  Check out the infographic to see how your company compares to averages around the world!

Top Performing Blog Post

Eight Best Project Management Books

Published over the summer, our top performing blog post features Noosh approved books that helps project managers with the most effective ways to handle time, budget and their team.

You can also follow the authors on Twitter:

Jeff Furman,  Peter F. DruckerJeff FerraroEric VerzuhTerry SchmidtJim CollinsScott Berkun

Top Performing Video

Predictive Pricing- 36.7% Conversion Rate

A new powerful feature to deliver quotes immediately to customers without having to wait for vendors or suppliers? We don’t like to brag, but our new Predictive Pricing video demo features that!

Best Performing Case Study

Miller Zell – 27.4% Conversion Rate

It’s mind-blowing what a Content Marketing Platform can do for an organization. For Miller Zell, they achieved greater ROI in the first 12 months of using Noosh! View the infographic to learn how this team of saavy marketers beats the competition by leveraging today’s expert, open economy to deliver customized services.

What Else We Uncovered

Along with discovering what content pieces performed the best, our data also provided valuable insight on when we received the highest engagement with our content.

-Highest content conversions occurred between the hours of 9:00am-11:00am in the visitor’s local time zone.

-Content generally performed the best on Tuesdays, followed closely by Wednesdays.

It’s important to look at your own content marketing strategy and determine which content pieces are performing well and which are candidates to remove. Prospects typically want a little bit of efficiency during their buying journey, and it’s up to us marketers to help by eliminating material that isn’t relevant or gets in the way.  Consider evaluating your content’s effectiveness a couple times a year…your prospects will thank you!