All organizations, regardless of their size have some need to print. Therefore every organization needs to ensure that the print procured does its job perfectly and is procured in the right manner with regards to effectiveness and professionalism. This should be done from both a commercial and brand image point of view. Managing print procurement like a pro with ridiculously low man hours and great efficiency is something everyone would like to do. Cloud-based print procurement has taken the place of premise print procurement with a substantial number of IT and server functions slowly but steadily moving to the cloud.

Let us now discuss how to remotely automate the whole printing process from the provision of a ready-made infrastructure to the actual processing and management.

Advantages of Cloud-based print procurement

Cloud-based platforms aim at providing top notch commercial print alongside global shipping. The greatest benefit of cloud-based platforms is undoubtedly their print-on-demand solution which you do not need to order in large quantities.

Ease in setting up

In terms of the relative ease of setting up, Traditional servers do not come anywhere close to Cloud-based software. Traditional print servers often require a lot of man-hours, manual installation as well as the deployment of different print drivers and thus may take days to launch. Cloud Print software, on the other hand, has an automatic installation and deployment feature and launches on demand with little time.

Supplier Management

It is imperative that you have trustworthy suppliers. The option of supplier management allows one to maintain a record of suppliers together with their performance.

Quality Control of the Print Product

How many times have you been inconvenienced due to a mismatch between the quality received and that which you expected? A cloud-based platform comes in handy in avoiding such scenarios by automatically verifying the format of your print file, resolution of your photos as well as your page size and count. Anything with the potential to ruin the quality of the finished product is immediately detected for rectification.

Create an online library with great access

A cloud-based system allows you to store multiple print files like digital asset management. You an control access and give users easy access to print files, order print and schedule delivery for important marketing materials. This helps maintain a consistent brand image.


Working in the cloud essentially implies that your suppliers have access to your project. This enhances efficiency and cost-effectiveness in your project. It also creates more synergy between the sourcing team and the marketers. A cloud-based platform provides a degree of convenience and efficiency that is difficult to replicate using traditional print platforms. Its unique selling point is in its flexibility, as it allows for change thus making it adaptable to any kind of business regardless of size.

Simply put, cloud-based print procurement beats traditional print systems. They require less manpower, are more flexible, allow for collaboration, control and supplier management. This makes Cloud-based platforms very reliable, in fact, indispensable to any organization that hopes to achieve the highest efficiency as well as cost effectiveness.