Where Are You in the Five Points of Content Marketing?

Most companies already have elements of all fives of these points in place today. Noosh products, services, and partners can help fill-in missing steps, optimize what’s in play, and connect the dots between all elements.

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First stage of Content Marketing: Pull Together a Strategy

Content Marketing is about more than just a single campaign or promotion. Consider the overall conversation you are having with prospects and customers that continues throughout a 1-3 year timeframe. At one level, it’s about branding. At another, it’s about the way you help an audience reach the undeniable conclusion that they must do business with your company.



Second Stage of Content Marketing: Planning and Service Procurement

With the dramatic increase we've all seen in the number of content pieces, it's critical to get everything onto a calendar and solicit help from third parties. Content Marketplaces are a great source of designers, writers, production shops, and direct mail houses. And, collaboration tools will help leverage internal and external resources keeping all projects on time, on budget, and on point.



Third Stage of Content Marketing: Design and Creation

Working collaboratively internally and with outside resources will help ideas flow and produce better quality content. Working with a Digital Asset Management system ensure brand guidelines are enforced and that materials are created in line with corporate standards.

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Fourth Stage of Content Marketing: Engagement

The ultimate goal of all marketing content is to reach buyers with relevant information at their particular stage in the buying cycle. Engaging with buyers means reaching them on their own terms, through channels they prefer, and at the time they want. New software tools are required to meet this demand and to engage buyers at scale.

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Fifth Stage of Content Marketing: Analytics

Simply put, marketing analytics allows marketers to be more efficient and not waste marketing dollars.  But it's also one of the greatest challenges facing organizations. Tackle your challenges by figuring out what your business goals are and make sure you have the right digital marketing analytics tools in place to monitor and effectively optimize campaigns so you spend each dollar as wisely as possible.  

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