Integration with The Environmental Paper Network’s Paper Calculator Provides Real-Time Visibility into the Environmental Impact of more Sustainable Marketing Procurement Decisions

Mountain View, CA, April 22, 2021––Earth Day––Noosh, the global leader in marketing production execution software solutions, today announced new Print Production Sustainability Scores™ to empower marketers to factor environmental impact into marketing materials procurement decisions in real time. The unique capabilities are part of Noosh’s long term strategy to include environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations to its platform alongside quality, price, and time factors. With the addition of ESG, marketers now have a more complete view of criteria when making buying decisions.

Approximately 88% of publicly traded companies have ESG initiatives in place, followed by 79% of venture and private equity-backed companies, and 67%[1] of privately-owned companies.  Marketers in these organizations are rapidly adopting ESG considerations into their buying decisions and making commitments to sustainability, including reducing the environmental impact of paper production like deforestation, the use of enormous amounts of energy and water, as well as air pollution and waste problems. According to the EPA, there was 292.4 million tons of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) generated in 2018 in the U.S. Of that, paper and paperboard accounted for 23.1 percent[2].

Marketing production professionals and buyers require tools to quickly calculate, compare and reduce the environmental impact of their activities before they make decisions regarding buying printed materials. Noosh’s initial release will allow marketers to evaluate performance data from suppliers, and, through real-time integration with the Environmental Paper Network’s (EPN) Paper Calculator™, calculate the estimated environmental impact of their paper choice. Users can then compare alternatives with varying degrees of recycled content and make choices to reduce their impact measured in wood used, CO2 equivalents, water, and energy used. Noosh displays these environmental considerations alongside other decision-making criteria such as supplier quality scores, price, supplier diversity data, and time considerations. The impact of final decisions are, just like all other purchase decision data, captured in Noosh for downstream reporting.

Allowing Noosh users to see the impact of their substrate choices and supplier requirements before awarding projects will help clients proactively attain sustainability goals as opposed to passively producing impact reports after the fact.

“We are excited to work with Noosh to help marketers make more environmentally sound decisions relative to their paper consumption,” said Kim Porter, Development Coordinator of the Environmental Paper Network (EPN). “Noosh’s approach to include environmental impact data in-line with price and other buying considerations is really exciting. We are looking forward to seeing adoption throughout their user community.”

“We chose to partner with EPN because the Paper Calculator is backed by a robust Lifecycle Analysis that validates their methodology,” said Mark Tiedens, CEO of Noosh. “We are committed to not only helping marketers streamline their marketing execution, but also to help them make the best purchasing decisions. The addition of our Print Production Sustainability Score is the first in a series of new ESG functionalities that we are building to address the entire lifecycle of marketing materials — from planning to purchasing and distribution through end-of-life. This new functionality will impact behaviors in meaningful and ongoing ways by providing decision-making criteria when it matters most–before projects are awarded.”

Noosh expects to release the beta version of its product in early May to existing clients for testing and for general release by June 1, 2021. The new functionality will be made available to existing customers at no additional cost.

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About Noosh

Noosh is the world’s leading independent marketing execution software company, used by enterprises and marketing services companies to bring campaigns to life. The company’s collaborative SaaS solution helps customers optimize marketing execution activities from creative brief through production processes to costing and invoice reconciliation. Noosh’s users span the entirety of the marketing value chain, including agencies, enterprises, and suppliers, delivering billions of dollars of marketing assets into the market to drive revenue for some of the world’s leading brands.

About Environmental Paper Network

The Environmental Paper Network (EPN) is a world-wide network of over 150 civil society organizations working together toward a common goal to create transformational change in the pulp and paper industry and wider society, so that paper production and use contributes to a clean, healthy, just and sustainable future for life on earth.

[1] Navex Global

[2] EPA Guide to the Facts and Figures Report about Materials, Waste and Recycling, 2018